Thursday, April 5, 2012

Aubergine Haze

This has been a long process... mine and Michaels' color story.  Mostly because we both have been busy and it's hard to get together.  We finally finished!

I have been inspired by the decorating stories that Elle Decor UK does in every issue and wanted to duplicate the same process.  I've been planning this shoot for months and we actually shot some of it before the holidays.

Aubergine is a good neutral.  I imagine it more like brown or grey.  I have been in a purple daze for over a year and as might be expected the color has been incorporated into my wardrobe.

This first picture was the kick-off to our first day on the project.  I had the vision when walking down the street one morning and so Michael and I carried it out.

This is the final layout of the shots from the two days.  We feel that this is a solid "color story" and will be a good promo card for us both.

The rest of these are shots that we decided to not use for the promo.  Although, they will still be useful for our portfolios and websites.

this is my favorite but of course just for fun.

The process of composing a shoot can be arduous.  I have learned a lot this past year about prepping and pulling together ideas. Interestingly, not all of the photos turn out the way I envision but somehow it all works in the end.  

I always say that doing these independent shoots is what I like best about being a stylist.  

There are no rules.

Thanks again Mr Bennett.  More to come...

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Mellow Yellow

I have a memory of my dad, when I was a little girl.  I thought it was funny that his favorite color was "banana".  I remember asking him over and over again, "daddy what's your favorite color"?  I would giggle at his answer and say, "that's not a color"!

I'm inspired by the brightness of yellow.  I am aware of the color more these days and see it in magazines as well as on the street.

I have a photo shoot coming up with my two friends Martha and Michael.  Our recurring theme will be... yellow.  Martha has pulled together a menu and I am choosing my props from her food choices.  Michael and I have also been discussing our inspiration on lighting and propping that we are gathering from magazines and on-line.  This is going to be a fun collaboration for the three of us.

Michael and I, just today, finished our "color story" shoot.  We are both excited with the results which I will be posting here soon.

In the meantime these are some recent visions of my current favorite hue.

Apparently "banana" is a color...