Tuesday, August 9, 2011

exposing my linens

In my house we use cloth napkins and dish towels more than paper towels.   Although, fabric napkins and towels do need to be washed and that takes water, using linens is very "green".  I figure that I am recycling by using fabric napkins. Plus, in a household you can re-use the same napkin for a couple of days so there is less waste.

I have a small collection of linens and have been slowly collecting new pieces.  I especially like old table cloths and napkins.  I have some that belonged to my mother and then others that I have found at flea markets,vintage home and thrift stores.

Compared to what you can buy new today the old styles seem to be more unique and so happy and inviting.  I love to throw one on the kitchen table and then a whole new mood is created.  Even though older table cloths usually have stains on them, that I can't seem to get out, I don't love them any less. Those stains have a story of a previous time.

My friend Thomas and I did a little photo shoot in my backyard a couple of weeks ago.  Here are some of my vintage table cloths in action!

Thanks to Thomas for bearing with me and my weedy backyard!