Monday, December 31, 2012

Biodegradable Flower Pots? Yep.

I recently was invited by a young photographer and fellow Blogger, Lynn Kloythanomsup, to style a product she was shooting.  Always, excited to do something new I took on the opportunity to do more prop-styling.

Her clients family has had their nursery for almost thirty years.  The son, Jed, wanted to have a more sustainable production using biodegradable containers rather than plastic.  So, he used an old technique of using rice husks to make new containers.  He has developed amazing and colorful pots for plants.  They will biodegrade over time and quicker if left outside but they are riding the wave of the future at Ecoforms.  Taking better care of our Mother Earth.

Jed, who has been running the show since 2004 hired, Lynn to help update their website with shots of their newest product colors and shapes.  His parents opened up their home to us to produce our photo shoot.  We had a fun day experimenting with all the varieties Jed provided.

These are my favorite pictures from that day.

Please check out both Ecoforms' and Lynns' websites and see great ideas and stories.