Saturday, July 23, 2011

Inspiration II

I have three pending photo shoots with three different friends. Flattered as I am that these gentlemen want to work with me... I started to feel a little pressure because I am the one responsible to come up with the ideas! The best way to work through this is to look around.  SEE.  I also, have been scouring magazines.

The bedroom with Michael is already planned.  I just need to pull the bedding together and decide how I want to prop.  I rotated my bedroom 90 degrees so that my bed could be next to the window to create some atmosphere.  The best angle seems to have Michael crammed into my closet.

Here is some bed inspiration for this shoot >

Idea number two came about when I recently tried shooting some vintage table cloths for my blog but the photos didn't turn out.  A few days later, another photo friend, Thomas, contacted me about doing a test shoot... so we will be shooting vintage linens in my back yard.

Some ideas for linens >

Lastly, my friend Jonathan wants to get back to shooting and asked if I had any ideas for us to do a test shoot.  This was when I started to worry...  am I always going to have ideas? 

A few weeks ago I had bought the July issues of Elle Decor UK, Vogue Living and Living Etc.  While perusing I got the third idea.  I called Jonathan to see what he thought.  We are going to do a color story.  It turns out that it will be more involved than I originally thought but I think that it will be cool.  Elle Decor UK does these spreads about a color... which was indigo in this issue.  I have picked a color and now I have to pull all the props and ideas together.  The focus will be on soft goods, of course.

Inspiring color story >

Now, when I am going to do all of this?  Very soon! 

The first two shoots should only take a day each.  The third will probably be spread out over time.  I am excited to see the results.  All of which will be shown here.