Tuesday, January 10, 2012


I had the opportunity last month to do some styling for the PB Internet team.  They wanted to show various shower curtains in a bathroom setting rather than their typical swatch format.

My friend, Brad Knipstein, was coming into the studio to do an Easter re-shoot (that I got to style with the Senior AD).  It turned out, that because there was a huge load of pictures needed, the Digital Studio asked him to stay on through the next day.  So Brad and I spent a day playing in the bath.

Just like the table top shoot I had the opportunity to style little bathroom scenes.  We had a good time playing with angles and ideas.  I "shopped" in the PB prop cages and came up with some fun still-lifes.

Out of the seventeen curtains we shot that day... these are my favorites.  Plus, some reportage by Brad.

Brad and I both agreed that this one is the best... for it's simplicity.

I kept all of the styling simple because really it's about the shower curtains.  

Thanks Brad for a fun day of collaboration.