Tuesday, November 26, 2013


When Lori and I first planned her visit up to San Francisco we had decided it would be a good time for us to collaborate on another photo shoot for her jewelry line Lily Girl.  

We originally had discussed doing an urban shoot but this time we planned on a setting in the woods by the creek… an outdoor tea party.  

Lori and I combined a selection of clothes for the wardrobe.  I had been inspired by current magazine spreads so we chose a sort of Bohemian, Urban hippie chic. 

I asked my friend Alexia to model for us because she has beautiful long black hair and exotic features.  By surprise we had our second model, home from college, pretty Emma.  Who had modeled for Lily Girl this past Summer.

Originally, I wanted to take the girls down into the creek but with an assessment with my photographer we decided it was going to be too tight and awkward.   As the morning went on, before our models arrived, the light in the trees became so enchanting we found our locations.

Pulling the tea party idea together was fun.  I used pretty cups from Mikes grandmother and some of her silver tea set.  I also, bought an array of colored macaroons, some new linens I purchased in New York and roses from the backyard to brighten up the party.  The foundation of the set was finished with my green settee, coffee table, and a borrowed rug.

Once Alexia arrived we started the show… and continued with wardrobe, jewelry and location changes.  These are my favorite shots that Lori took.

Emma showed up a little later and Lori took her out front for these great moments.

Then we got the girls together for their party!

These are my behind the scene photos… the photographer at work.  Over the years Lori has really honed her skill at photography.  You can see her work on her website and blog but here she is in action.  One of the many talents of my dear friend.

It never ceases to amaze me how photo shoots get pulled together.  Always a lesson in being present and conquering obstacles and... we turn out great work every time.

This was another fun time with my best friend.  There will be many more to come!  Stay tuned.

Thank you to Alexia and Emma for being good models and Mike for hosting the shoot at his house and for all of his helpful ideas.