Friday, April 29, 2011

Trash = Treasure

I have a history with trash... yes, and if you really know me you know it's true. I find a lot of furniture, plants and various objects that have been discarded to the street.  Usually, all they need is to be cleaned up or painted and then they are recycled somewhere in my house or in the backyard.  I like to think that through my appreciation of old things they get a new life.

I do like to go thrifting and San Francisco has many great thrift shops.  Especially, in the Mission district.  I spend whole afternoons walking from one to the next.

So, since I travel for work I get to thrift in little towns all over California and even in some other States.  My favorite thing to do is to seek out the little church thrift shops or Goodwills. I end up mostly with small items but I always find something.

On my recent trip to Santa Ynez, California, my friend, Martha Arriola, and I did some local thrifting.  Joined by our stylist friend, David Yarritu, we went to a few local thrift shops where I bought some great linens for cheap!  I also found other cool things including a glass compote which seems to be my new obsession.  Martha bought a fun old picnic Thermos that didn't look like it had ever been used.  David considered some green suede chaps but mostly as a joke.

After parting ways, with David,  Martha and I decided that we had to try and get to another shop we had seen on our excursion to Andersens' Pea Soup. 

Across the street from the Buellton landmark there is a small house that is home to the great treasure trove Pink Trash and Treasures.  The first day we saw the shop there was a mutual interest in visiting but it was closed.  So, on this last day in Southern California we finally had the opportunity to go. 

We pulled up and there was a mini sized trailer in front of the store.  By mini I mean...Barbie Doll herself could have hooked it up to Kens corvette and gone to the lake.  We are freaks because... well, we both were so excited.  I may have even screamed with joy.  I jumped out of the jeep and immediately started taking pictures.

We had a nice chat with one of the owners, Donna, she gave us the lowdown on her establishment that she runs with her mother and daughter.  They all collect merchandise for the shop and they basically liken it to a constant garage sale.  There is something for EVERYONE as you can see from the following photos and the prices are reasonable.  The only thing that stopped us from buying up the whole store was that they only take cash.  Otherwise,  my now already annoyed roommates would have locked me out of the house.

Out back with all the plants and yard sale finds there are two real trailers that they use as an office and storage.  One is the mama to the mini trailer out front.  The outdoor merchandise is a little dirty from the elements but soap and water will bring it to life again.  Everything is for sale.  These ladies have a great kitchy idea.  Low overhead tons of fun objects with great prices to keep their inventory rotating.

I told Donna I was going to write about her store.  They don't have a website yet but you can go to their Facebook page.  Next time you are driving around or through Central California do stop to check it out. 

Both Martha and I can't wait to go back!

Monday, April 11, 2011

The Bird Girl

I love birds.  I enjoy watching them flit about... from branch to branch, tree to tree or table to crumb.  I love their voices, playfulness and that they can fly.  Freedom of flight.

This room, which is the second of our two room shoot, is a cool setting for the "bird girl".  There is some airiness to the space.  The floating white branch against the dark charcoal blue wall.  The soft linen sheers and the small natural objects. 

The Sari room was my first inspiration but as I planned this room I began to find more of the bird girl that is in me.  I love the feel of nature without seeming too earthbound.  Staying in flight.

Each of the pieces in this room led to the next,  the bird drawings and painting led to the white ceramic bird dish. The chair in the corner led to the geranium and books.  One of the later additions is the beautiful wood bench still covered in bark. 

The absolute last item was the vintage white linen sheet that inspired the finishing touch on the bed.  When my friend, Marina, told me about the sheet that she had I couldn't stop thinking about it.  I had an idea.  Soon after our conversation I went to her house to take a look.  I knew when I first laid my hands on the heavy crisp fabric that my plan would work. 

I originally was going to have a skirt on this bed.  Instead I draped the entire bed with the sheet to show the embroidery details and let the fabric flow to the floor like a gown.  I love the effect... it has given me ideas for future bed styling.

I imagine this girl sitting in her bed, looking out the window at the birds in the nearby trees.  She is sipping tea and day dreaming about soaring over the city.

In the photo/catalog world we sort of play house.  A styling method, I have learned from many of my  mentors, is to have a person in mind who lives in the space that we are putting together.  It helps with the continuity of the room.  This was how I approached my two rooms.  I wanted them to reflect a persons lifestyle, mood and inspiration. 

Thanks again Michael.  I look forward to our future shoots.

The beautiful encaustic painting is by my dear friend DK Haas... check out her work!