Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Good Day, Sunshine

It was a beautiful week in San Francisco.  The time of year that all residents, who have lived here for more than a minute, look forward to - "Indian Summer".  The timing was perfect for my next photo collaboration with Michael - a "Sunny Morning Breakfast in Bed" story.

My bedroom faces South East so we had beautiful light for most of the day.   The dappled light coming through the enormous avocado tree in the backyard was particularly special.  

Although I had been planning for weeks for this shoot, I did a few things last minute.  One was making a headboard out of a tin ceiling tile I bought for five dollars at a side walk sale months ago.  Also, I spent a couple of days sewing... somewhat self taught (with a few pointers and explanations on the workings of a sewing machine from my friend, Chantelle).  I went for it and made pillows.  I was now more inspired for this bedroom scene.

I did keep most of my personal items in the shot only making changes for continuity.  I was excited to see how the dresser would turn out since it's something I look at everyday.  I think I may take for granted the color combinations of my collection of glass compotes and dishes... never really considering that they create their own little story by holding all of my "stuff".

We did switch things up a bit by spontaneously deciding to do a "straight on" of the bedside table and added the pillow shot.  But just like the first shoot we did together, we worked smoothly and methodically, still managing to capture our still life's and we are both happy with the results.

This is a long over due posting but as life dictates our events we finally got on it!

Welcome to my room.

Thanks again to Michael for his beautiful work.

A special mention for the rug at the bedside from my friend Christophers' store Nomad Rugs.