Thursday, February 23, 2012

Into the Light

I have so many creative friends.  One of the best parts of these friendships is how inspired I feel when talking about ideas and coming up with projects.  Sometimes the ideas take awhile to get produced but then there are those that have to happen NOW.

I was working with Brad when he told me about his plan for shooting still lifes in a dark environment.  I suggested that we try to create the images in my basement.

Then I couldn't stop thinking and planning... envisioning the tales and walking around my house picking out the props.

We pulled this shoot together in three days.

I composed the stories... Brad provided the vision and the light... in the dark.

All of these items are treasures around the house.  Some were gifts,  some belonged to my parents and others belong to my roommate.  They have all come together to play a part in each story.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Love on the Street

When I walk around my neighborhood I stop to read the sidewalk musings of others.  A lot of these are declarations of love.

 I am sharing some that I see when wandering the streets of San Francisco.

This is my Valentine to you...

this one is my favorite
Like the Rev. Cecil Williams says at the end of Celebration "Go forth with love in your heart".

Spread the love.