Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Good Food

I really love food editorials.  I love to see how everything is pulled together.  The plates, linens and flatware that are chosen.  The way everything is arranged on a table.  Enchanting lighting.  I want to be there… I want to do it too!

Michael and I collaborated with a Food Stylist with this editorial concept in mind.  Different from the one we did awhile back with our friend Martha.  I have learned more.  We planned our shoot with Alexa Hyman whom we both have worked with on Pottery Barn shoots.

I had great fun.  This is the beginning of what I hope to be more food shoots… whether with these folks or for hire.  

We did a little bit of everything: cheese plate, drinks, prep, single food shots and then the hero of the full meal.  We are all happy with the results.  

What do you think… would you come to this party?

Thank you to those who loaned and lent items, enthusiasm and support. 

And of course many thanks to Michael and Alexa.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Dark Blues

It's February.  I have a photo shoot in two days that I have been preparing for the last couple of months.  I am using some of my collected props for this months inspiration photo.

People may be thinking of pink and red for this month of LOVE but I am feeling the blues and grays of  Winter in San Francisco.  Mixing in some contrasting color and patterns for an eclectic table top.  

I'm excited for this next project… working again with Michael Bennett and a new collaborator and friend Food Stylist, Alexa Hyman.